Welcome to Away With The Pixels! My name is Kate and I am an ESL teacher, teaching English to native Spanish speakers both directly and in a support capacity. I started making graphics for my own resources many moons ago. I remember trying to engage a group of sulky reluctant teenage boys who were learning English for the first time. I had been given beginner level resources, which was great, but the illustrations for parts of the body used teddy bears. And this wasn’t so great. Unsurprisingly, the very first thing I did after that class was to create my own age appropriate graphics. Trying to engage reluctant ESL learners is hard enough at the best of times, however without really good graphics it’s incredibly difficult. After all, it’s very true, a picture does tell a thousand words. Great graphics will help to engage the students as well as illustrate points which may otherwise be very difficult to communicate.

My hobby has for a long time been working with 3d models. So I started using my library of models to create graphics for my own use and later to sell on Teachers pay Teachers. 3d models are a wonderful way to produce graphics. It allows me to create both photorealistic and cartoony style images. One of the benefits of this – other than the fact I can produce accurate images of tigers without ending up the main course for a tiger’s tea – is that I can create graphics which demonstrate everyday concepts that students can relate to. And of course, all graphics are provided in png formats, which means that they have a transparent background. You can add them to your resources without having to worry about the dreaded ‘white box’.

I buy 3d models to use, and I also customize and create my own. 3d modeling is something I enjoy doing and hope to do more of.

Plans? Well, I’d like to do more animation. While I’ve got some simple GIFs made, I’d like to develop this further. I’d like to create animations using lipsyncing and other techniques for teachers to add to resources. I can do lipsynch animations so I just need to work out the best way to proceed with this. And of course, I hope to carry on producing clipart and graphics on a whole variety of subject, and I look forward to receiving new suggestions and ideas.

If you are a customer already, thank you for your support – it means so much to me. If you are just browsing the site, thank you for getting this far! I appreciate it 🙂


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