22 Blank Character Clip Art with Speech Bubbles, Draw Faces, Write Dialog etc


This is a versatile set of clip art which I have used with very young learners through to adults. There are 22 blank characters silhouettes, which are easy to print in black and white. In addition to the characters, I have included a speech bubble, thought bubble and exclamation bubble.

You can use these in a wide variety of ways, from simply drawing faces or using the speech, thought and exclamation bubbles to make dialog, through to reading the body language in the different poses and making inferences.
The characters are in a broad range of poses and character 21 and 22 are designed to be placed together so they are ‘chatting’ however, but can also be used singularly if required.


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Away With The Pixels Clipart

Our clipart is created in the highest possible resolutions, giving you great quality clipart to use in educational resources for your own classroom use or to sell on platforms such as Teachers Pay Teachers.
Please note that the clipart is provided in zip files for ease of download. You will need to unzip the folders before using the clipart. 

Instant Download

Your clipart will be available for instant download once the checkout process has completed.

Commercial Use OK

These items come with a commercial use license. You may use these images to make and sell educational resources here and on similar sites. I simply ask that you provide credit within your item documentation.

Interactive Whiteboard OK

This clip art can be used in IWB products for Smartboards etc. It can also be used in Powerpoint presentations and other digital presentations with no additional requirements.

Digital Products OK

You may use Away With The Pixels clipart to create digital products to sell. Much of my clipart works exceedingly well in digital and interactive resources and I am always pleased to take suggestions.

I can create GIFs and animation, so please get in touch if you have any ideas for new products 🙂

22 Blank Character Clip Art with Speech Bubbles, Draw Faces, Write Dialog etc
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