Get free games for your blog or website! We are going to be offering free games which you can load onto your WordPress website or blog.

Games are a great way to keep parents and young ones engaged on your site – and they are super-effective for encouraging parents to come back again and again with their young ones to play the game anew.

We are starting with two games which we will be offering free for download. You can load these games ‘as is’ or you can learn how to change them to add your own graphics and other assets – or even how to create a game from scratch!

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    Picture Piece Puzzle

    The first game we will be offering is the Picture Pieces game. This is a puzzle game which is a beginner jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle have been randomly rotated, so the young ones must click on the pieces to turn them until they are in the right position. When all the pieces are in the right position, the image is revealed.

    In our game, we have featured several images with cute animals, however if you want to add your own images or tweak the game, we’ll show you how!

    Memory Game

    The second game we will be offering is a memory game. Memory games are a fun way to reinforce all types of learning, including recognition of shapes, word and image connections etc. Our free memory game for your website features animals. However, we will show you how to change the theme, images and sound to create your own custom game.

    How to Customize Our Free Games

    I use Construct 3 to create educational games, and this is what I have created the free games for your website in. Construct 3 is a powerful game making engine, which has a free and paid-for option. The two games above have been made using the free level of the platform, meaning you can edit the games as much as you like completely free!

    Why Are The Games Only For WordPress?

    I can only support games for WordPress because that’s what I know. However, as long as you have access to your server, you should be able to add games to websites/blogs created on any platform. If you have a specific question, do send me an email and I’ll get back to you with an answer –